The town of Sirmione offers something for everyone. The town has a famous XIII century castle, built on the remains of an ancient Roman fortification called Rocca Scaligera. Around the town are a plethora of markets restaurants, nightclubs, and fashion outlet shops. Of particular note is the town's spa offering mud baths, massages and under-water massages. In the town there are specialist centres for curing deafness, respiratory and motorial problems.



The small town of Torbole is a draw for windsurfers. Throughout the year three winds constantly blow on the beaches. These winds are known as the Ora, the Vent and the Peler. The rocky area offers hundreds of kilometres of mountain biking paths. You can enjoy decents of 2000 meters from Mount Baldo to Lake Garda at 67 meters. The area around Torbole has beautiful geographical attractions such as the glacial cavities of Marmitte dei Giganti.



Malcesine is a romantic and atmospheric town. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda the town features a maze of historic alleyways and features a castle with fun towers to climb. In the town there is a cable-car taking visitors to the summit of Monte Baldo to enjoy the breathtaking views.


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