Franklin is a U.S. Nauterstate, it connects the east coast of the U.S., Morocco, France, and Portugal, the governor is John Lesveque, and the President is Barack Obama, and the Junior President is Alan J. Villarruel, Franklin is also a Nauterstate of Alanland, which makes it both part of the U.S and Alanland, Franklin official languages are English, Spanish, French, and Porteguese, Franklin covers only water, but the U.S. and Alanland took over the water of Franklin, and made it into a natuerstate.


The Interstate Highway System extends to Franklin, which Interstate 60, Interstate 10, Interstate 40 Interstate 80, Interstate 90 extend to Franklin and to the European or African countries.


the Official Languages of Franklin are English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, English is spoken by the East Coast of the U.S and Europe. and Spanish is spoken also by the east coast of the U.S. and by Europe, and Portuguese is spoken by Portugal, and French is spoken by France.

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