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(Eiffel in Evening)

The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Hotels and lodgingEdit

Hôtel Jules - Romantic and design Hotel in Paris ! - Thousands of holiday homes in France - Hotel in France and all over the World

Hotel Reservations - Hotel Reservations in France

Further information about hotels in France visit France Hote

Hotel Sophie Germain Paris - 12 rue sophie germain 75014 Paris - phone: +33 (0)1 43 21 43 75 - - - The Sophie Germain hotel is ideally located on the left bank of Paris. Near Place Denfert- Rochereau, just a few minutes away from Montparnasse train station and the Latin Quarter. Very easy access to events and exhibitions organised at Porte de Versailles and Villepinte. The Sophie Germain hotel will be your starting point to discover the beauties of Paris.

Hotel Montalembert - 3 rue de Montalembert - 75007 Paris - FranceEdit

This hotel is one of my favorites for its tucked away but central location. It's modern and not too small (rooms) are perfect for a quick weekend getaway.



le Bon Marche is one of the larger shopping destinations in Paris. It's like most major department stores in that it has a main floor for cosmetics, a huge selection of fragrance and accessories. It also has floors for men, women and home. The selection is what's unique.

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Getting to FranceEdit

The national airline is Air France. Many airlines operate to France, including an increasing number of low-cost airlines from the UK. There are numerous and excellent road links with all neighbouring countries.The ferry to France from Dover to Calais runs 29 services per day and is becoming a cost effective option of getting to France. International trains run from the channel ports and Paris to destinations throughout Europe. Eurostar is a service provided by the railways of Belgium, the UK and France, operating direct high-speed trains from London to Paris and to Brussels. Driving in France is also a highly popular way to get to and explore France.

Exploring FranceEdit

The different areas of France

Metropolitan France is divided into 22 administrative regions. The capital city of each region is known as the Préfecture de Région. Some of the French regions, such as Alsace or Burgundy are modern day equivalents of historic provinces of Europe, others like Pays de la Loire are modern creations. The most populated French region is the Ile de France, the Paris region. The least populated is Limousin, in the hilly centre of France. Since France stretches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and from the Rhine to the Atlantic, the regions of France are very diverse, and each region has its own distinctive characteristics. For more information on each region see the Regions of France on the guide to France

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