The Elkhart Service Plaza is a service plaza on the Indiana Toll Road.  Like the other service plazas on Indiana Toll Road (and the Ohio Turnpike) there is one plaza for each direction of travel.  If you are riding a Greyhound bus and it passes through here, you will spend 30 minutes here.  While it is not necessarily a bad place, it is not my ideal place to stop.


Like the other service plazas on the Indiana Toll Road the fuel is BP.  There are plenty of pumps for 4 wheelers including 2 diesel pumps.  If you have a semi truck (or don't feel like taking your RV, diesel Mercedes, 6 wheeled pickup, etc. to the pumps for 4 wheelers), there are only 4 diesel pumps in the diesel island.  It is worth noting that there are no satellite pumps.  However, the hoses are longer and have a device that helps them extend.

The fuel is more expensive.  This is because demand is less elastic since people aren't getting off the toll road.  You are not likely to see many big rigs (at least those from the major carriers) getting diesel from here.  Part of this is because company drivers are told where to fuel and thus get fuel from truck stops off the turnpike.  You may see a trucker filling his reefer here as some companies allow their drivers to fill the reefer wherever the fleet card is accepted.


There are several fast food outlets at the Elkhart Service Plaza.  You can wash your Whopper meat (Burger King) down with some Starbucks.  The convenience store inside the main building has some healthier options (such as salads).  You can also purchase snacks and drinks at the BP.  The prices are higher (again, elasticity of demand) than you would pay at other locations.


Like other rest stops there is plenty of parking.  However, you won't see many big rigs here (at least during the day).  Keep in mind that many truckers would rather use the nearby Pilot even though this involves more effort (trust me, it is much easier to pull a combination vehicle into rest stop than to get off the highway).  You can take a selfie with the trucks in the background and put it on Facebook.  It is also worth noting that the Elkhart Service Plaza is more enjoyable when you have  a CDL.  In fact, having a CDL makes a lot of things better.  Except for the episode of Family Guy where they killed Brian.

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