Golden Tips TeaEdit

Some of the finest Darjeeling Teas from scores of the most renowned Tea Estates can be seen, tasted & purchased all under one roof at the beautifully done, centrally located and most reputed stotre of Darjeeling . .Tea Cosy at the Rink Mall opposite the General Post Office. Besides, a huge range (maybe over 100 !) of nicely packaged ethnic & Gift packs & assortments under the names of Golden Tips & Nathmulls are also available. One can sit down and their friendly & fairly knowledgeable staff are ready to serve several teas in order to taste & select and also help in doing so. They also serve out of a special Tea Menu which has almost 75 variants in hot & ice teas. This store also has a huge range of tea a pots, tea sets, infusers, strainers, spoons, etc. etc. ... They have lots of books on tea .. although they do not sell

Teas produced in Darjeeling and known simply by the name of Darjeeling Tea are world-famous for their taste and aroma. In a tea plantation farm, the famous Makaibari Tea Estate, after research of around 15 years a special variety of tea was produced perhaps one among the best Darjeeling Teas. In July 2003, about 56 kg of this tea was produced and sold @ the rate of 400 US$ per kg [1], a record price for tea. The reportedly also reached the Imperial Palace of Japan. The silver tipped tea emerge when the buds are plucked off the tea before being exposed to the early morning sunlight and the season of production if around mid-May and mid-June. Due to the short supply and the limited production of this variety of tea, you may not be able to get the same. However, when in Darjeeling, you may begin your day with special varieties of tea. If you may so wish, you may also buy some authentic Darjeeling tea and carry the same home – to fill your living room with aroma.

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