Dallas [1] (and most of Texas) isn't eactly the best place to be hitchhiking. Unfortunately with the widespread use of Air Conditioning, hugh masses of people (mostly Vogons) have moved down here are decidedly un-friendly. This coupled with the fact that Texas doesn't have a state personal-income tax, has drawn vogons (and their gas guzzlin' SUV's in fleets of thousands).

However, should you be in the vicinity of North Dallas, you might want to stop in at the Art Department of Brookhaven College. Most of the froodz there are super hoopy and sass the ways of artists; a few are even conversant with the h2g2 (ask for Richard). Also, the theatre, dance, and music depts are hoopy as well. In addition, the foreign languages division offers courses in over 20 languages.

To get there follow these directions (or use or similar).

Running North/South pretty much thru the middle of the vast sprawling megopollis that is Dallas-Fort Worth, is a major highway "35". 35 splits in two just north in the city of Denton (well known for two major universities UNT (University of North Texas) and TWU (Texas Women's University). As 35 proceeds south, 35W heads slightly to the south-west towards Fort Worth, and 35E heads slightly south-EAST towards Dallas. Stay on 35W and look for the signs. You will first pass thru Lake Dallas, then Lewisville, and finally enter North Dallas. You are looking for BELT LINE ROAD, which you will then take back to the EAST (you have to dodge under the overpass and make a left turn to head west, if you turn right you'll see the end of civilisation as we know it).

Anyway, you will then proceed up a steep hill (you are still on Belt Line right?) this is technically speaking Carrolton (old town) -- a very hoopy arts oriented city. As you top the hill you will (eventually) cross Josey Lane, and then Webbs Chappel, and then Marsh Lane. When you get to Marsh lane, get in the right lane and turn right (heading south). Technically you are now in Addison—another super hoopy arts-oriented town; they have a super fab "Watchtower Theatre" as well as "The Taste of Addison"—Belt Line is known as the main drag for restauratns and fine dine-ing.

Heading south on Marsh Lane, You will come to a few stoplights, among which is Spring Valley Road keep going straight on Marsh. You are technically now in Carrollton (another arts-oriented city) as you go up a slight hill, you will want to get into the LEFT lane, and at the light (Valley View Lane) you will want to turn LEFT. Heading past the police station and water tower on your left, you come to a light which you want to turn left on. (If you come to a fork in the road you have gone too far).

As you enter onto campus, stay in the left lane, and then you come to a "T" intersection. Turning left (you are now on "Windmill Circle" which encircles the entire campus). Keep going West on the road, it slowly curves around to the right (plus a serpintine curve) observe the 20 mph speed limit. Finally on your right will be the "F" building. If you see the "J" building, look to the right of it, and you will see the "F" building.

Next you get to play: "Try to find a parking space!" (it's all part of the fun of campus life). Enter the F-building and make your way to F-110 (the printmaking room), there (almost any time of day, almost any day of the week you will find ARTISTS). Ask for either Jim or Richard.

The art department's phone number is: 972.860.4730 and the address of the campus is 3939 Valley View Lane, Carrollton (Dallas) TX, 75244.

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