Machu Picchu Sunset

Machu Pichu at sunset, Cuzco Peru.

Cusco (also Cuzco, Qosqo, or Qusqu) is a city in southeastern Peru, near the Urubamba Valley (Sacred Valley) of the Andes mountain range. It is the capital of the Cusco Region as well as the Cusco Province. The city has a population of about 300,000, triple the population it contained just 20 years ago. The altitude of the city is around 3,500m (11,500 feet).

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Saqsaywaman Ruins - These immense ruins north of Cusco are both impressive and fun for children as the ruins include slide-like structures and some tunnels if you can find them. The site is also included in some of the passes that let you into historically important sites around Cusco or the Sacred Valley.

Movies - Between noonish and when the dancing begins in Cusco, a lot of the discotecas play movies with their projectors. Just show up first and you'll be offered a selection of movies or see whats already playing. They are usually free, but buy a beer and some nachos and it's a fabulous way to spend the afternoon.


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Hop on Hop off Tour Bus of Peru

Bus- While it is possible to take a bus from Lima to Cusco, most people discourage it due to the long and potentially dangerous nature of the trip. Instead it's usually recommended to hop a plane.

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Los Perros - Just a block or so off the Plaza de Armas, Los Perros is a chill wine bar with comfy couches and some of the most awesome sandwiches. Try the wontons too.

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