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Plitvice lakes

The Plitvice Lakes, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Croatia.

Croatia (official name: the Republic of Croatia) is a European country, and is bordered by Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Montenegro. It also has a sea border with Italy. Its capital is Zagreb, and the country has a long tradition of ties with Central Europe and the Mediterranean. Croatia has an ancient history and is located in the Southern Europe. Interestingly, the shape of the country is like a horseshoe.

The terrain of Croatia is rather diverse with the following main characteristics:

  • Central Croatia and Slovenia has plains, lakes and rolling hills;
  • Croatia has some densely forested mountains in Lika and Gorski Kotar, and they form part of Dinaric Alps; and
  • It has a rocky coastlines on the Adriatic Sea.

It has many national parks, and the country has the distinction of being declared by the National Geographic as the Destination of the Year in 2006:

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  • The Grand Villa Argentina Hotel, Dubrovnik Croatia - This luxurious hotel is ideally situated near the old town part of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Grand Villa Argentina is just 10 minutes walking distance from Dubrovnik's historical centre. This Dubrovnik hotel comprises the main hotel building and four exclusive villas.

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Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia and it offers plenty of accommodation as seen in some of the links above. To help you find a great accommodation for your stay, we recommend you to read the accommodation guides offered by Croatia Welcomes. They have a fantastic article about apartments in Dubrovnik's old town

which shows the most popular private apartments inside the old city wall. If the price is most important for you there is also a guide to budget apartments in Dubrovnik which proves that it doesn't have to be expensive to stay in or around Dubrovnik.


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Best way to get to Croatia is via plane. Fast and easy.

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