In this article, we tell you why Crete, the famous island of Greece, is an unforgettable vacation spot. Well, the island has its own special local products – in a single day you can discover local specialties like olive oil, raki (a special kind of grape spirit), honey, special Cretan wine, and some unique spices and herbs of the island. Don’t forget to bring your shopping purse with you as you are sure to get tempted by all this and pick up a lot of stuff to take back with you to your home town! If you like legend and history then do check out Knossos, which is the birthplace of the Minoan civilization – the legendary king Minos lived here, and the Palace itself is home to many unique legends, like the myth of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur, and you must have heard the story about Daedelus and Icarus.

During your vacation, you must also check out Phaistos, which was also a centre of the Minoan civilization. In fact, it was one of the most powerful and wealthy cities of southern Crete. If you like architecture, then Crete is just the place for you to vacation in, because for example, Herakleion has many important museums that you must definitely check out. For instance, the very first museum (1904 – 1912) was due to the Joseph Chatzidakis and Stephanos Xanthoudides, Ephors of the Archaeological Service. The museum has all the important finds of Crete until the year 1937, and then the construction of the modern building was started upon. Today the museum has about 20 rooms, and you can check out the various artifacts, tombs, and caves in there! Do take time to look at the sarcophagi, the Minoan frescoes the sculptures (reliefs, statues, and architectural parts), the collections of inscriptions, etc.

You must also look at the Kazantzakis Museum, which is in Varvaroi, approximately 20 kilometers south of Herakleion. It was originally made to record the works of the famous Cretan writer, and there are many of his personal belongings in there, as well as his diaries, documents, letters, the first Greek editions of his books, etc.

Nature freaks will love Lake Kournas, which is extremely picturesque, and in fact it is the only lake on the island. Check out the mountains that are reflected in its water. If you are a nature lover, you will also love Imvros Gorge – which is about 56 kilometers south east of Chania, situated on the mountain plateau of Sfakia, it has narrow doors and many different kinds of plants. It’s about 6 kilometers long, and you would need about 3 hours to cross it.

If you want to have something to eat, there are many taverns around. Do look at the castle Fragokastelo, which was built as early as 1371 by the Venetians, as a form of protection against Turcs, pirates and Cretan rebels. Do take the time to look at Agios Titos – which is one of the oldest monuments of Christianity, it’s a true example of great architecture that you are sure to find marvelous.

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