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Cox’s Bazar is famous for its beach, and the mesmerizing view of the sunset. In the close proximity of Cox's bazar, there are many other attractive spots:

  • Aggmeda Khyang
  • Himchari
  • Inani
Inani is within Ukhia Thana, 35 km. to the south of Cox’s Bazar and a background to steep hills to the east. There is a beach of immense blue water. It is a fascinating place for sea bathing.
  • Laboni Beach
  • Maheskhali
Maheshkhali is an wonderful island in the Bay of Bengal in the north-western directions off Cox’s Bazar. The island can be accessible by water boat of 20-30 minutes drive. The island is dotted with forested hills and some mangrove vegetation alongside the coastal beach. The ancient Adinath Temple at the hilltop and the Rakhain villages with their colorful Buddhist temple has got enormous touristic attractions. Millions of Hindu devotees meet together during the festival at the Aditinath Temple (mid Falgun) every year.
  • Ramu
  • Sonadia Island
Sonadia Island is about seven kilometer of Cox's Bazar and about nine square kilometer in area. The western side of the island is sandy and different kinds of shells are found on the beach. Off the northern part of the island, there are beds of windowpane oysters. During winter, fisherman set up temporary camps on the island and Dries Sea fishes, which they catch from Sea.
  • Teknaf


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COX’S BAZAR - world’s longest unbroken sandy sea beach

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  • Currency: Taka (BDT)
  • Time zone: BDT (UTC+6)
  • Main Language: Bangla (Bengali)
  • Electricity: 220 volts, 50 Hz


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