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Club Mahindra Varca Beach Goa

Club Mahindra’s Varca Beach ensures that your voyage to Goa is a memorable and exciting one. In a typical architectural Goa style with more than 200 magnificent apartments and suites, you will be blessed with an ambiance and atmosphere that helps you relish the beauty of the lush greenery and the serene blue sea. Throw yourself into the huge swimming pools after the sunbaths you have had on the endless beaches, here. In addition, the resort’s huge restaurants will gratify your stomach after you feel exerted with all the adventure sports that you have tried for the day, name a dish and it is there on your platter, at this multi- cuisine restaurant. <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:justify">Goa upholds the spirit- Live Life, King Size and Varca Beaches enlivens the same by comforting you in the lap of luxury, far away from the bustles of crowd. Let your creative juices flow by indulging in indoor activities like Sand Art Rangoli, Design your own stuff, Tribal Mask Masking, Photo frame making, crocodile club, Magic studio, chess, board games, carom board, computer games, etc. For the outdoor freaks, there are innumerable fun- filled games like cricket, football, table- tennis, Volleyball, water Polo, Aqua Zorbing, Air Tattoo, pottery etc. <p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align:justify">One thing that makes Goa the paradise of India is its long serene beaches. Varca Beach in Benaulium in South Goa, Anjuna beach, popularly known as the freak capital of the world, and Calangute beach, known for its spotless shores, have been hot spots to visit in Goa. If you wish to feel the high in Goa, Dona Paula is the ideal place. Splash yourself in the water sports, get drenched and feel the exuberance, here. For all those ‘National Geography Channel’ lovers, Badla Forest is a jungle resort encompassing Mini Zoos, a huge deer park, pleasing botanical and rose gardens, giving you an opportunity to peep into the nature’s world, embracing the flora and fauna, away from the noise and clamor of the city life

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