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Central African Republic
Central African Republic map 001




French (official), Sangho (lingua franca, national), tribal languages

Ethnic Groups

Baya 33%, Banda 27%, Mandjia 13%, Sara 10%, Mboum 7%, M'Baka 4%, Yakoma 4%, other 2%


CFA Franc

National flag
Flag of Central African Republic
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A vilage in Central African Republic

A village in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked country in central Africa, and it shares its borders with Chad, Sudan, the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Cameroon. Major part of CAR consists of Sudano-Guinean savannas but it has some regions in the Sahelo-Sudanese zone in the north and an Equatorial forest zone in the south. Before its independence on 13 August 1960, it was a French colony and was called Ubangi-Shari. It is one among the ten most poorest countries of Africa. The climate of the CAR is generally tropical; the northern areas are prone to a particular type of winds called harmattan winds, which are hot, dry, and carry dust; the northern regions are subject to desertification; and the northeast is desert. The remaining part of the country is flood prone.

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