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Cape Verde
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Cape Verde
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Portuguese, Criuolo

Ethnic Groups

Creole (mulatto) 71%, African 28%, European 1%


Cape Verdean escudo

National flag
Flag of Cape Verde
ContinentsCountriesCitiesMountainsOceansSeasLakesRivers and canals
National parksForumChatBlogsPollsPhotosVideos

Cape Verde Islands of the Republic of Cape Verde (or, simply Cape Verde in short) is a country located off the western coast of Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean. It was a group of uninhabited islands until its discovery and colonization by the Portuguese in the 15th century. The country derives its name from Cap-Vert, which means Green Cape, now a part of the Senegal.

The country has a tropical climate: the average temperatures ranging from 24 °C (75 °F) in January and February to 29 °C (85 °F) in September, and the average annual rainfall is 68.4 mm, but months from April–July are rather dry with hardly 1 mm of rainfall whereas September is generally the wettest month with a rainfall of around 33.6 mm. For most of its existence, the p[lace had remained uninhabited by human beings. However, the place has many endemic birds like Alexander's Swift (Apus alexandri), Raso Lark (Alauda razae), Cape Verde Warbler (Acrocephalus brevipennis), and Iago Sparrow (Passer iagoensis), and reptiles include the Cape Verde Giant Gecko (Tarentola gigas).

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