Cape Coast downtown

Cape Coast, Ghana.

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Global Mamas A Fair Trade Organization

Also located in Accra, the Global Mamas store in Cape Coast, offers a wide variety of clothing for babies, children, men, and women, along with beautifully hand crafted jewelry, home accessories and ornaments. Items include original handmade batik prints and beaded jewelry. All proceeds made by Global Mamas’ sales go directly to the women producing the merchandise and to the business development programs carried out by the non profit.

Francisca Beads

One of the friendliest beaded jewelers in Cape Coast, Francisca offers a wide variety of jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and waist beads. After studying the art of bead making in Nigeria, Francisca brings her unique jewelry deigns to Cape Coast to offer some much needed variety. Along with jewelry she also has a variety of African printed bags, crafts and original paintings.

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Elimax Spot

Located within walking distance from the Elmina Beach Resort Hotel, Elimax Spot offers up a variety of delicious meals for the adventurous traveler. Vegetarian??? No Problem, Eli provides a number of vegetarian dishes and cooks special orders, as well as delicious vegetable and fruit salads. The best part is that the meals are priced so that even those on tight budget can enjoy.

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