Cannaregio, the northernmost district of Venice, occupies a large arch from the XXth Century railway station in the west to one of the oldest Venetian district in the east. The gangways in the north look out over the islands in the lagoon while the district is bordered by a large curve of the Grand Canal. It is a tranquil and uncontaminated zone, divided in wide canals, spanned by bridges with antique hostels and bars, surprisingly lacking in tourists. One of the prettiest and remote district is located in the north, around Campo dei Mori, near the beautiful Gothic church of Madonna dell'Orto. The church was the parish church of Tintoretto and houses some of his paintings. Cannaregio is also the site of the early Renaissance Santa Maria dei MIracoli Church. The building in multicoloured marble is an architectural wonder. The oldest ghetto in the world is situated next to the Cannaregio Canal. It is here that the Jews were forced to live in the XVIth Century. This historic area is one of the most fascinating in the district. Around the shabby houses without either church or palace, it is possible to find, a few kosher shops, a bakery, a Jewish library and two synagogues.

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