California Living Museum (commonly referred to as CALM) is a zoo in Bakersfield, California. The primary focuses are plants and animals that are native to California, specifically Kern County.

CALM was founded in 1983. Its purpose was to provide a place to both educate the public about native wildlife, as well as to help injured and orphaned wild animals. Those that could be released into the wild would be, while others would be cared for in the facility. A campaign went out to many service organizations to sponsor buildings within the facility. After three years, the zoo was opened to the public

CALM is 14 acres (5.7 ha) and contains a wide variety of plants and animals from around Kern County. The California Living Museum exists to display and interpret native California animals, plants, fossils and artifacts to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research.

Natural exhibits include:

  • An open black bear exhibit,
  • Cats of California exhibit featuring mountain lions and bobcats,
  • Bird of Prey Exhibit with hawks, owls and eagles,
  • A mammal round that houses several species of foxes,
  • A waterfowl pond that attracts spring and fall migrants and hosts resident mallards,
  • A deer yard,
  • An underground reptile house, and
  • A contact area with domestic animals