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The royal palace in Brussels

  • The city, a lively artistic and cultural centre, is home to libraries and museums including the Musee Royal des Beaux- Arts; the Musee Royal d'Art et d'Histoire, which houses classic archaeological exhibitions, works of art from non-European civilizations, Belgium archaeology and displays of decorative and applied art; the Military Museum which contains 450, 000 volumes and records; Autoworld, the largest vintage car museum in the world; the Musee d'Art Ancien Museum voor Schone Kunsten, which. with its 81 rooms, is one of the most important in the world for the conservation of primitive Flemish art and Dutch Baroque art. The Museum of Ancient Art and the Museum of Modern Art are connected by an underground tunnel. Those wishing to admire Art Nouveaux, should visit Maison Van Eetvelde, 2-4-6-Avenue Palmerston, Mauson Van Dijk, 85-87 Bd. Clovis, Solvay house, Horta House and Stoclet building, which possesses Klimt frescoes.
  • Grand-Place (Dutch: Grote Markt), possibly one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and the jewel in Brussels' crown. The Grand-Place is Brussels' top tourist attraction justified by the Gothic magnificence of the Hotel de Ville (Town hall) and the Baroque esuberance of the late seventeenth-century guildhouses surrounding the square.
  • Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts) a great museum, combining four interconnected sections of old masters and modern art collections. Together they make up Belgium's most complete collection of fine art with works by, amongst many, Pieter Bruegel, Rubens, Delvaux and Magritte.

  • The 26 km tour of the Soignes Forest. The forest is situated south east of the city, along the road, that passes the Boitsfort Hippodrome, south of Bois de la Cambre. The tour comprises the suburbs of Brussels and Boitsfort-Bosvoorde, taking the visitor into the vast state-owned forest, Soignes-Zonienwoud. Passing under the main road in the middle of the forest, the visitor finds himself once again at Groennendaal.Following the main road, which leads from the forest, it is possible to visit La Hulpe, a small town surrounded by lagoons. Rixenstart, is located 26 km away and is the site of Princes of Merode castle, built in the 1631. the tour finishes at the northern part of the forest, along the Chaussee de Wavre, at Jazus Eik, site of a 16th-century church. travelling further south along the A5, the visitor arrives at Waterloo, which owes its fame to the fact that is the site of the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. Visitors are shown the battlefield and the museum houses a reconstruction of the battle in miniature form.

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