Boat on boracay beach

The beach at Boracay, Phillippines.

Boracay is an island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. The island of Boracay is located around 315 km south of Manila.

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  • Ocean Breeze Inn, [1] offers budget cottages or air conditioned Guesthouse rooms (various room sizes for single travellers or families) at affordable rates. Guest kitchen also available. Ocean Breeze Inn is located at Station 3, around 2–3 minutes walk to White Beach.
  • Boracay Resorts
  • Boracay Cottage Resort Boracay Cottage Island Resort is nestled in Station 1 Beach Front of the tropical island of Boracay. The rooms are in Filipino-inspired design with walls made of Banig and bamboo furnitures. Contact No. +639228830006
  • Swipers Hotel Boracay Swipers Inn is located in the beachfront of Station 1, Boracay. It has an amazing view of the white sandy beach of Boracay. The suites have an amazing seaview with its own kitchen and dining area. Contact No. +639228830006
  • One Azul Resort Boracay One Azul Resort offers comfortable fully-airconditioned rooms with deluxe bathroom amenities. Located at North Sation 1 of the Boracay White Beach. Find adventure in some of the activities the island offers like Banana-boat Riding, mountain biking and hiking, motor biking, snorkeling and island hopping. Contact No. +639228830006
  • Boracay Terraces Resort Hotel Boracay Terraces is a beachfront resort located in Station 1, Boracay. The hotel has its own swimming pool and offers deluxe accommodation and fully-furnished suites and apartelles. Activities like swimming, island hopping, snorkeling, diving and parasailing can be enjoyed at an affordable cost.
  • Villa Sunset Resort Boracay Villa Sunset is an 8-room apartment type hotel located at the heart of Boracay's White Beach at Station 2. The rooms are fully-furnished with its own balcony overlooking the swimming pool. The hotel offers day tour activities to those that like to explore Boracay and its neighboring islands.
  • Culpepper Lodge Boracay Culpepper Lodge Boracay is a budget hotel accommodation in Station 2, Aklan Boracay. The lodge is conveniently located near the restaurants and famous bars in Boracay.


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Land / water route from Kalibo Airport to Boracay island.

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Among all the tourist destinations in Asia the Philippine island would be one of the most visited spot. And in the Philippines, the island of Boracay would be one of the most famous destination.

But has anyone ever wondered about its history? Most sources would say that its story started only in the seventies. Has anyone ever ventured to searched through the history of time prior to the seventies?

Boracay: History and Origin

In Panay is the famous Boracay Island. Boracay Island is located off the northwest corner of Panayin Region VI of the Philippines. The island is approximately seven kilometers long, dog-bone shaped with the narrowest spot being less than one kilometer wide, and has a total land area of 10.32 square kilometers. The name Boracay has various rumoured origins1. One of which was that it is drived from the local word of borac or sagay which means cotton in reference to the white cotton like colour and texture of Boracays sand.

The Native Islanders and Ati lived together in harmony in the island. The Ati are the indigenous people of Boracay, being the first settlers and were farmers and fishermen.

Fishing, Copra and Tobacco (first class products believed to have been introduced and propagated by the Greener of Boracay. Dona Sofing and traded on the nearby mainland of Aklan ) were the main trades of the island. It was only in the late 70's when the main income of the island changed to tourism when tourists started to arrive.

It is often told that Boracay Beach has a shaded and uncertain past. This is because the island in the early 1900s was just one private home of the Ati, the islanders and a couple belonging to one of the prominent families in Aklan. They were considered to be the original settlers of the island. And no. They were not those humored to have landed in the island seeking refuge and shelter from storms. Neither were they some of the crew of a movie or companion of tourist-writers as rumored.

It all began when Lamberto H. Tirol and Sofia Ner Gonzales settled in the island. They lived among the islanders. There weren't too many people that time so that life was simple. As fishing was the main livelihood, the couple began to cultivate the land, planted millions of trees and plants. Even upon the demise of Don Lamberto H. Tirol, cultivation continued, progressed, and trade continually existed under the watch of the young widow Dona Sofia Ner Gonzales vda. de Tirol. It was to this contribution that she gained recognition as the "Woman behind the greening of Boracay Island" .

A large portion of Boracay is state - owned, except for the lots of Lamberto H. Tirol and Sofia Ner Gonzales, along with the others like Ciriaco Tirol and other Aklan-rooted kin who were able to obtained land titles over portions of the island in the early pre-war years. Among the private owners are the heirs of Don Lamberto H. Tirol and Sofia Ner Gonzales, the heirs of Don Ciriaco Tirol, Elizalde, Carpio, Andan, Solidum, Dignos, Sarabia, Menez, Kimpo, Dimacali, Tan, Tolentino, Marte, and Rojo. Recent Supreme Court pronouncement upheld the State's ownership saved in the cases of the Tirol Family of Aklan and their predecessors in interests whose rights are preferred [16]. Various government agencies vowed to protect and preserve boracay. We believe that is likewise the sentiments of the inhabitants of the island.

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