Barrie is a city in Ontario, Canada that is on the edge of Kempenfelt Bay, which juts out from Lake Sincoe.

Mayors and Reeves of BarrieEdit


2003-2006 Robert J. Hamilton

2001-2003 Jim Perri

1989-2000 Janice R. Laking

1977-1988 Ross A. Archer

1973-1976 Dorian Parker

1970-1972 Lester E. Cooke

1968-1969 R. S. Bentley

1962-1967 Lester E. Cooke

1957-1961 Willard L. Kinzie

1955-1956 R. Eldon Greer

1954 Herbert Smith

1953 James W. Hart

1951-1952 Marjorie Hamilton

1950 Edwin Wilson

1947-1949 Grant Mayor

1945-1946 Peter Sinclair

1942-1944 Donald F. Maclaren, Q.C.

1936-1941 H. G. Robertson

1935 W. J. Blair

1932-1934 John F. Craig

1928-1931 Duncan F. McQuaig

1927 Walter Duff

1927 Wiliam Lowe

1924-1926 John F. Craig

1921-1923 John Little

1918-1920 Robert J. Sprot

1915-1917 John F. Craig

1912-1914 Alex Cowan

1910-1911 Thomas Beecroft

1909 James Vair

1907-1908 John H. Bennett

1905-1906 Donald Ross

1902-1904 W. Boys

1900-1901 G. A. Radenhurst

1897-1899 S. M. Wells

1895-1896 J. M. Bothwell

1892-1894 A. E. H. Creswicke

1889-1891 F. E. P. Pepler, Q.C.

1887-1888 C. H. Ross

1882-1886 Henry Sewery

1877-1881 W. D. Ardagh

1876 Robert Simpson

1873-1875 William Boy

1871-1872 Robert Simpson


1864-1870 W. D. Ardagh

1859-1863 Thomas D. McConkey

1858 Robert Simpson

1857 Henry B. Hopkins

1856 David Morrow

1855 Thomas D. McConkey

1854 Jonathan Lane

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