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Gambia banjul arch22

Arch 22 at the entrance to Banjul.

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Worth seeing in Banjul is the Albert market, the arch 22, Royal Victorian Teaching Hospital.
Albert Market is a large market where you can find local products and nice souvenirs.
Arch 22 was built after the coup d'état 1994. It's situated at the entrance of the city but only the president is allowed to go drive through it. If you go by car or bus into Banjul you will have to drive around it. This was done because the arch got cracks from the vibrates of the traffic.
Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital is the main hospital in The Gambia. It's dependent of gifts and money from charity and aid from other countries. In fact much of the doctors and professors are from and paid by Cuba. The hospital has recently started a medical school to become self supplied with doctors. As a visitor you can get a tour of the hospital and of course donate some money.


Albert market is the main shopping area in Banjul. It's a large market with everything from spices, fish, clothes, cd's, wood-work and more. It's worth a visit but be prepared to haggle!

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