The Healing TouchEdit

While you are in Bangalore and feel to have the herbal healing touch, you may plan a visit to Soukya, a center specializing in herbal treatment and natural cure. Soukya is a word of the Sanskrit language, and it means wellness, and the healing touch of the Soukya shall most likely make you feeling really well, calm and composed. Although the Center specializes in the treatment of many difficult diseases, it also provides facilities for general de-stressing sort of thing. There is a one-mile walking track and whoever comes here is encouraged to walk the track. The system of treatment integrates essentials of many schools of ancient medicines, Ayurveda, Yunani, Nataropathy and even relatively recent ones like Homeopathy. The people get trained for physical fitness through yoga, massage and natural medicines. The food is strictly vegetarian and smoking and drinking is not allowed. If you have time, you may spend a few days here and come out rejuvenated and bursting with vitalities.