Augsburg is a city in Bavaria, Germany.

Direction München (A8)Edit

Take bus line 23 or 41 towards Hammerschmiede until Hammerschmiede-Süd (big crossroads and shopping center), back to crossroads and street with high building with clock, where you can find a big ESSO service station, from where many people get on to the A8.

Direction Stuttgart (A8)Edit

Like going to München, or: bus line 22 to Firnhaberau Endstation, then walk 10 minutes to Raststätte A.-Ost.

Augsburg-West eignet sich kaum noch, da an den Zubringer seit einigen Jahren die ausgebaute B17 direkt anschließt, am ehesten stellt man sich an die ESSO (wie früher) an der Donauwörtherstr. kurz vor der Abzweigung nach Gersthofen-Süd.

Direction south (B17, Landsberg, Füssen)Edit

Take tram line 3 (Straßenbahn) until Bukowina-Institut (big high building), at crossroads to the right, 5 minutes until next traffic light or take a bus to the Messegelände; the highway ramp is directly after the bridge, cars can stop if they go right to the Messehalle. Probably don't need a sign, since there's only one sensible direction.

Other directionsEdit

  • B2 to Mering/München: good; bus to Peterhofstr.; 5min;
  • B300 to the West: rather bad; tram line 2 one stop after HBf. (main railway station), alongside the B300 for about 15 minutes until Shell service station. Use a sign or ask to people.

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