Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt, it is also known as "the Pearl of the Mediterranean"!

Located at the northern coast of Egypt, Alexandria has an atmosphere that is Mediterranean than Arabian (Middle Eastern); its beauty, ambiance and heritage distance it from the rest of Egypt.

Founded by Alexander the Great, more than 2000 years ago(specifically in 331 BC); Alexandria, the same as Cairo, is an extremely busy city, and like Cairo too, Alexandria is filled with lots of sights to enjoy, asit witnessed a mix of cultures through the past 2000 years.

What makes Alexandria special is its location on the Mediterranean;which makes it always joyful to look from the Corniche, no matter where you are in the city; the view is irresistible.

The must-seesight in Alexandria is the Palace of King Farouk, the last King of Egypt, which is called "the Palace of Montazah". The palace is a dazzling ranch located in the far east of the city, capturing perfect scenery of the sea water. The whole landscape surrounding Montazah Palace is amazing too, and hosts a lot of restaurants, a beach and a hotel as well.

Although not too many monuments remainfrom the older Alexandria, the city still possessesthe old European architecture which is obvious in its residences and houses. Alexandria also has many nice old and modern cafes as well as Roman monuments to see.

From Alexandria's ancient remains, you must see the underwater ruins of Montazah and Maamoura and the Catacombs of Kom el-Shouqafa, also Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque and the Coptic Cathedral of St. Mark are glorious sights to keep on you to-see list.

Alexandria's beauty inspired many great authors such as the Greek poet Constantine Cavaf and the British novelist E.M. Forster who lived in the city in the 19th century, as well as Lawrence Durrell who lived in Alexandria and wrote about it during the Second World War.

The coast of Alexandria lies along 70 km, from Mariout Lake in the east of the Delta to its north-western side where Mariout Lake is located. Alexandria's coast is stuffed with many beautiful bays and harbours, such the crescent-shaped Eastern Harbour which is marked by the glorious Qaitbay Fortress, as well as Abu-Qir's harbour.

The Corniche of Alexandria is always busy during both,the summer and the winter. If you walk, or bike, from Ras El Tin all the way to Montazah, you can enjoy spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Corniche was developed to welcome the city's increasing tourists and vacationists in the 1930s, and more developments were made to it in the early 1990s, before a major development took place on it in the early 2000s.

Wide beaches lay along the coast of Alexandria starting from Maamoura in the east side of the city, and all the way to Al-Agamy beach at the far western side of Alexandria