I went to Tasmania for a week with my family in October. It was famous place to visit. It was one of the island in Australia's area. When we arrived there, I thought that it was unique to be in this place. Also, it was absolutely beautiful location, and looked really natural. Thus, I realized the reason for people loving this place. Unfortunately,I felt tired as the difference of time between Tasmania and Hong Kong was about four hours. Luckily, we found a hotel which is not expensive and luxurious.

The first day of this trip: My family and I went to the Trowunna Wildlife Park. It was a chance watch wildlife closely. In the park, we saw the kangaroo and different kinds of other animals. Also, it was amazing thing to hold those animals in my hands. They were cute. This place can show another side of wild life. That's great for me!.

More and more exciting activity's was waiting for me. In this morning, my mom and I took a bus ride for about 45 minutes. The bus stopped near the road while I was simply shocked to see the place. I was standing and seeing in front of me Sorell Fruit Farm. The cost of admission was free. It was an opportunity for me to have extra learning. Moreover, we paid for the fruit at the end.

The last day of the trip: We went to Tahune Forest Air Walk to walk around. This Airwalk had 800m long and 48m high. That's was terrific when we walked forward to this bridge. It was just like flying in the sky. Do you know that it was very fantastic for me?

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